Many people just cannot do without coffee. They need it right after they wake up, they need it when they are sad or happy, and they need it without and without reasons. The very aroma of coffee gives them a sensation that nothing else can.

Though there is no problem in having coffee in limited amounts it definitely should not be the very first thing you consume every morning. If you still do not want to give up then continue reading and once you get to know this is what happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach, you definitely will stop.

5- Your gallbladder starts contracting

If you frequently get gallstones then drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a strict no for you. If you do so, your gallbladder may contract, become smaller in size, and then it will not function the way it should.

You may then suffer from diarrhoea, jaundice, immense pain, and also loss of appetite.