Many people wake up feeling sore in many parts of the body and have what is called starting trouble.  Every movement of any limb causes pain and requires effort. One can often see women limping when they wake up. All this plus lot of fitness problems can be solved just by doing some simple stretches every morning or even at any other time of the day. Morning time is however preferable. So to remove that lethargy and be filled with vigour and energy all one needs to put in is a few minutes of one’s time every day in some simple stretch steps.


It is probably written in all the scriptures of fitness as to how good stretching is but we need to point out the benefits of stretching in more understandable and measurable terms. So here they are:

  • Connects your inner self- It gives you solitude and the ability to let your mind and bodywork in harmony, thus establishing a vibrant and live connection for the day.
  • Relief from Stress – The endorphins released in one’s body as a result of stretches, gives a feel-good factor which keeps you smiling and stress-free all day.
  • Tension-free mind- It is said, a healthy body harbours a healthy mind. So when the stretching relieves your soreness, the fit body will make you tension free all day long.
  • Improves Muscle tone- When they are stressed the muscles are bound to contract and to keep them healthy then need to be lengthened and strengthened so that you remain flexible.
  • Improved Blood Circulation- The proper stretching will mean proper pumping of the heart resulting in better circulation of the blood.
  • Gives you a glow- When you have an overall good and fit body, it shows on your countenance and you are infused with a warm glow which radiates from you like happiness and shine.

1- The Buildup to a Stretch

Though stretching is perceived to be a pre-exercise workout, it has a prerequisite. Cold muscles directly stretched may lead to some problems, hence you need to warm them a bit before stretching by doing some light warm-up routine like a walk gently increased to a brisk pace, some jogging and some circling of arms. This will help increase the blood flow and heart rate a bit. Of course, you need to be medically cleared to do stretching or any other exercise for that matter. So never hesitate, forget or be shy about consulting your doctor before beginning any fitness regime. This is the first condition of a long and healthy life.

If you pay heed to all this and warm up your muscles before stretching you can be assured of the true and lasting benefits of stretching without any side or ill effects.