Relief from a toothache, better digestion, regulated menstruation, weight loss, skincare, better heart health and stronger immunity. Are some benefits of the papaya, that is why the fruit is known for its valuable nutrients and minerals.

What is papaya?

Papaya is a juicy orange fruit that is not only fragrant and delicious but also very healthy, it is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. It has also been given the title of “angels of foods” by Christopher Columbus, papaya is popular for its amazing taste. It can be consumed as a smoothie, milkshake, vegetable and fruit

An element of raw papaya called latex is very commonly used as a meat tenderizer, in the production of beauty products and chewing gum.

The whole fruit, along with other parts of the tree, is beneficial to health in many ways. Raw papaya contains enzymes that are used in nutritional supplements and chewing gum. Papaya antioxidant is rich in nutrients, such as carotene, flavonoid and vitamin C as well as vitamin B (folic acid and pantothenic acid). It is a good source of fibre and minerals like magnesium. Together, these nutrients help improve heart health and protect against colon cancer.