10 Effective Home Remedies For Clear And Spotless Skin

7- Papaya

With its soft and butter-like consistency, papaya can be used to perk up your skin’s texture and maintain clear skin. It is full of natural bleaching properties that can help in reducing the appearance of scars on the face. Papaya contains Vitamin A and Papain enzyme. It has antibacterial and wound healing abilities which are also crucial in removing damaged and dead skin.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a softer, smoother skin.

  • Cut ripe papaya into small pieces.
  • Mix the papaya with one teaspoon each of honey and sandalwood powder. To make it into a paste, grind these ingredients.
  • Apply the paste entirely on your face and neck.
  • Leave it on for about half an hour and then rinse it off with cool water and dab dry your skin.
  • Apply some rose water on your face after you are done.
  • Follow this remedy to see a noticeable change in your skin tone by doing it once a week at least.

Updated: January 15, 2020 — 4:02 pm