10 Effective Home Remedies For Clear And Spotless Skin

10- Mint

Mint consists of menthol as its main ingredient. Menthol is known to have cooling and soothing properties that help in keeping skin glowing and healthy. It also has excellent healing properties that prevent skin infections. Follow the steps given below to enjoy glowing skin.

  • Mix one teaspoon of mint powder and one tablespoon of each of plain yogurt and fuller’s earth.
  • For the ingredients to get soaked properly, set it aside for half an hour and then stir it to get a smooth paste.
  • Apply this paste on your face and neck evenly.
  • Leave it on until it dries on its own and then cleanse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Use this paste/ face mask once in a week to enjoy clearer skin.

You are required to use the remedy of your choice from the above-mentioned remedies on a regular basis to observe noticeable changes in your skin. In addition to this, follow a strict skincare routine that is suited to your skin type.